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The moon in Aries inclines natives towards volatile, emotionally impulsive natures, according to The Astrologer's Handbook (Sakoian and Acker, 1973). People with this moon position often behave in precipitious ways without due consideration to the consequences of their actions. They can have sudden flare-ups of temper, but these are temporary and are soon forgotten.

People with an Aries moon are very independent, insisting on following their own paths of action, right or wrong, and they will not tolerate interference from others. They can have a tendency to dominate others emotionally. They are prone to take the reaction of others personally.

Welcome to my journal, where you will have ample opportunity to decide if it's all in the stars or if I'm just naturally cranky. To view these pages with maximum pleasure you should be using a browser no older than the 5.x versions of Netscape or Explorer. I don't use style sheets, and my HTML is coded the old fashioned way: by hand, which leads to interesting errors. All graphics including borders, buttons, photos, and logos are by me with the exception of the crescent moon photograph on the archive index page which is copyright Roger Wesson, used with permission.

This isn't a particularly confessional diary although you will certainly learn a great deal about me. It's the usual exercise in narcissism, a chance to express my opinions and share my experiences. Mostly it's a series of personal essays, 500-700 words three to five days a week, written between January 1997 and December 2002. I'm more likely to write about my wacky clients, explore my own history, or wax nostalgic about 80's music than go into the intimate details of my friendships and marriage because I don't tell other people's stories. Occasionally I break that rule. My lifelong passions are travel, books, classical music, animals and anything to do with the 18th century so that's what I write about. My other lifelong passion is writing, but I don't write about it, I just do it.

I feel obliged to point out that I am neither an Aries nor an astrologer. If you seek the wisdom of the planets please visit Sally Cragin who does this sort of thing professionally and is very good at it.

I am regularly described as different, a notion that vaguely annoys me. I prefer the term "artistic." I spent years trying to figure out why everyone thought I was so weird. Happily, the older I get the less I hear about how peculiar I am, so either I'm mellowing or everyone else is getting used to a broader definition of normal. My desire to conform is generally in conflict with my determination to retain my own ideas on how things work. How did I get this way? For those who require instant gratification as to personal particulars, I direct you to my biography. The rest of you, read on.

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