Lucy Huntzinger self-portrait 11/25/06

Lucy Huntzinger

She was born in the Mission District of San Francisco on August 15, 1957. The attending physician was Dr. Ellis D. Sox, one heck of a cool name. Shortly after arriving, she was handed off to the designated parents by her birth mother, and embarked on a career of speaking her mind, upsetting authority figures, and doing things the hard way. Her parents moved the family to Bellevue, Washington when she was five and Mercer Island, Washington when she was ten where she stayed until she graduated and could get the hell out.

After four wonderful years as a choral conducting major at the University of Washington she realized she'd forgotten to take anything but music, languages, and literature. Since she wasn't going to graduate she gave up classical music for rock'n'roll, meaning she gave up non-lucrative singing jobs for non-lucrative restaurant jobs. She was a passionate Deadhead from 1978 to 1984. She hung out in the Seattle music scene just as New Wave surged over the land. She dyed her hair pink, started wearing black leather jackets, and tried to look like a streetwise chick from the wrong side of the tracks. It worked as long as she didn't open her mouth.

At age twenty-two she changed her first name to one she liked better. At age twenty-three she discovered science fiction fandom and immediately plunged into writing fanzines. Conventions were attended, legends were made, and she began her itinerant wanderings among the fannish households of the U.S. and Britain. She moved back to San Francisco, and found work as a paralegal, riding the wave of the disturbingly well-paid but morally bankrupt 80's career for bright humanities majors.

She met her future husband John at a science fiction convention in 1984 and promptly dismissed him as "the kind of guy you don't marry." She lived a punkish, marginalized life for a while, recognising herself and her milieu in the comic Love and Rockets by the fabulous Hernandez Brothers. She had a mohawk for five years, which was the only way she could overcome her naturally pleasant, unthreatening visage. She gave it up after getting tired of shaving every week.

After many adventures at home and abroad, a few tattoos, some weird hairstyles, and a spate of bad jobs she married John and moved to Nashville in 1989 where he taught physics at Vanderbilt University. Ignoring her friends' merry japes about becoming a faculty wife she signed up for travel school and became a travel agent. This allowed her to fulfill her dreams of free travel, international bonhomie, and explaining to customers that they don't need a passport to visit Hawaii. Along the way, she enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University to continue pursuing her bachelor's degree after a fifteen year break. She did very well until she got to Algebra, failed it twice, and had to drop out again. In January 1995 she finally checked out this Internet stuff she'd been hearing about. In January 1997 she began keeping an online diary called Aries Moon.

Eight years after moving to the South she and her husband packed up the pets and returned to the Bay Area where she is blissfully happy to be back among her own people. She and her husband bought their first house in March 2000 and have yet to change a single thing about it, thus proving that not every homeowner is a DIY bore. She finally passed Algebra and graduated with a degree in Music in December, 2002 to her infinite satisfaction. She decided to end the diary at the same time in order to concentrate on writing her first novel. She finished the novel September 1, 2004 and is busy with the second one. She attended the Viable Paradise Fantasy and Science Fiction Writer's Workshop in October, 2006.

Her favorite cities are Vienna, Tokyo and San Francisco. She is still a travel agent and travels frequently. She takes a lot of photos with her trusty digital camera. She firmly believes she speaks French. She and John share their house with a cat and a dog. She reads a lot (especially history, science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries), loves animals, classical music, roses, and anything to do with the eighteenth century. She has a pierced nose, five tattoos, and is hopelessly addicted to hair color. She adores celebrity gossip magazines. She sings with a concert choir in her spare time.

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