Aries Moon

My application for graduation has been approved "pending completion of in-progress coursework." Since there's no question I'll complete my classes it's official: I'm graduating at the end of the term.

I have developed a close, personal relationship with the drummer from Translator, based on two emails, and the result is he is going to bear my child. Wait, wrong dream sequence. But he is going to let me know if they decide to go ahead with their reunion gig next year.

I have also developed a close, personal relationship with the General Manager of the Sofitel hotel in Köln, Germany. He gave me a snowglobe with a miniature of the famous cathedral beautifully moulded in plastic as a token of his esteem. Actually, he was part of a group of General Managers of international Sofitels who were making the rounds of travel agencies in the area. They were all wearing expensive black suits with white shirts; it was slightly intimidating.

First I met the manager of the properties in Quito, Buenos Aires, and Paris. The Parisian was unbelievably good looking, charming, chic, and was married with four kids. I swear there was a reason that came up naturally. We were talking about how Parisians like going to Tunisia for vacations since it's so close (and a former overseas départment) and I asked if there was more to do in Tunisia or Morocco. Morocco, by all accounts, is better for cultural experiences and Tunisia is excellent for doing lots of nothing in the sun. Truthfully, I would have asked him about almost anything just to hear his beautiful accent a little longer.

Then Thomas and I, the German manager, had a very interesting chat about Germany. I spoke knowledgeably about Wiesbaden, Düsseldorf, and Cologne itself which I insisted on pronouncing Köln (the German name) and he inexplicably insisted on pronouncing Cologne (the French name). The fact that I watch Deutsche Welle seemed to impress him, too. I knew Köln was where a lot of the tv stations are based in Germany so we had a jolly chat about Media Park and I complimented him on the excellent location of the hotel. After they bustled out the door like a flock of blackbirds bearing brochures the US rep slipped back in to tell me that Thomas said he thought we were the nicest travel agency he's talked to on this trip.

You know, some days I think my mom was wrong and I really am a people person.

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